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Police beg the public to stop sharing video of Mitchells Plain cop’s manic episode



Police beg the public to stop sharing video of Mitchells Plain cop’s manic episode. Videos showing a police officer at the Mitchells Plain bus station experiencing what many have described as a “manic” episode started making rounds on social media on January 20.

The SAPS has appealed to the public to stop disseminating the video and driving speculations around a recent incident involving a Mitchells Plain police official.

The series of videos show the police officer hysterically yelling and shouting and doing what appeared to be karate chops and flying kung-fu kicks while his colleagues attempted to restrain him.

The SAPS, in a statement, confirmed that the officer had been attended to by the SAPS Employee Health and Wellness unit and medical practitioners from a local medical facility.

Many on social media, including bystanders who were present when the incident occurred, speculated that the police officer might have been “intoxicated”. “A plea is hereby made to social media users to refrain from speculating on the underlying causes of the incident that manifested in scenes that were captured in several videos currently in circulation.

“While the incident played out in a public space, the circulation of video footage captured on the scene is considered inappropriate. We urge those in possession of the videos to refrain from disseminating the material,” SAPS said.

“Details and the nature of the SAPS employee’s condition cannot be divulged out of respect for his dignity,” they added.

Source – IOL

Source – Daily Sun

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