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Patrick Shai’s Son Facebook post on how embarrassed he was after his father’s video went viral has emerged.

Patrick Shai

Patrick Shai

Three days before his father’s untimely death, Kopano Shai took to Facebook to express how disappointed he was with his father for embarrassing him and his family.

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Kopano teared into his father and accused him of being careless and selfish. He claimed that Patrick Shai put him and their family in a compromising position when he created and posted that distasteful video. In a Facebook post that has since been deleted, Kopano wrote;

“I understand the impact that it has on him as a brand equally on myself as an establishing brand.
His actions of carelessness and selfishness have put myself and family under a compromising position.
The embarrassment is severe to a point of no expression. I’m where I am asking myself questions like what happened to the doors I’m knocking on.
I type this highly emotional with teary eyes. To some, it may be funny and some of you understand the severity of pain and embarrassment my family is in.”

Here is a screenshot that was taken by the Daily Sun from Kopano Shai’s Facebook post before it was later deleted.

Following his father’s death, Kopano Shai also posted a rest in peace message on his Facebook page.

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“Above everything else, he’s my papa. Rest in peace jita,” he wrote.

Before he died, Patrick Shai had become the target for online harassment following a heated exchange between himself and Cassper Nyovest. Patrick later apologised in a statement but that still did not deter trolls from further attacking him.

Following his death, social media users have since taken to the internet and turned on Cassper and his fanbase, claiming that his actions allegedly played a role in Patrick Shai’s death.

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