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Pan African Parliament ended on a chaotic way as Malema stand for African youth



Maybe now Africa will start to understand what Julius Malema is all about after what happened,

In the Pan African Parliament seating that was held in Midrand on Monday morning,

We’re Julius Malema started to teach the African leaders about how things are done and how leadership is been used.

Because their lot of corruption is happening amongst African leaders but this time Malema had everything covered

Because the seating started well to vote for new leadership but it was interrupted

As the Sadec region leaders want the election to be fair for all leaders in the parliament

It is where Julius Malema started to reveal that some of the leaders in the seating tried to kill him.

That’s why the voting won’t take place that day and it was where chaos erupted in the meeting.

We’re leaders started to disagree with each other because of the issues that were not going well

It looks like Malema is ready to fix what is broken for a long time and that is corruption in Africa.

In the statement, he gave on the news Malema says that the young people must stand by themselves

So that they cannot be disturbed by this corrupt African leader who is abusing their powers.

The African continent has also struggled a lot when it comes to dealing with gender issues,

We’re you see more women been offended by men in the powerful position.

The time is over now we’re gender equality is starting to take over in the African continent

Which will see many women across Africa occupying the powerful positions that were taken by these men.

Then it won’t be the same again as they will be fair when it comes to providing good leadership on the African soil and this will happen very soon

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