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It might end in tears for the biggest liberation movement in Africa



For the first time, the secretary-general doesn’t get along with the president of the party

And this had just made things worse in the party where they are scandals that are coming in.

Which has cost many leaders to expose on each other this might be the nightmare that the party.

They have to deal with in the years to come we’re many leaders will have to go on their separates ways,

We’re others can start to open their new political party which might things complicated in the Anc,

Some has been complaining that Cyril Ramaphosa is the weakest President in the party,

Because they have been rumors lately  that the party will collide with the democratic alliance.

The 2024 election will cause more trouble for the party and this might end in tears for the them.

Because going on a colliation with such party can only mean that the Anc has lost its power

And the Democratic Alliance will bring more tears to the country because people have not healed,

About the past that the apartheid government had brought on their lives and this will be the dramatic year.

The only chance that the party have is an early conference that may satisfy all members so that they can unity,

Because unity can be the only solution that can bring the glory days back in movement.

We’re many leaders will reconcile with each other and have a peaceful movement in the country.

The step aside resolution is a serious factor that is that party is facing because it will divide all members.

Who is accused of corruption because they have already started to fight each other?

Can Ramaphosa forgive those who are implicated in corruption now to save what left for the Anc so that they can have productive campaigns.

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