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Nomcebo Zikode says she is tired of hated for lies



The Jerusalem hitmaker Master Kg has been in a lot of trouble lately we’re he has been in a serious fight with Nomcebo the lady who sings Jerusalem, both Kg and Nomcebo have caused huge fun around the world with this song where people across the world has been listening to this hit which has united all the nations.

But the two Celebrities have been facing disagreement on the payment of this song were Nomcebo says that Master Kg don’t want to pay her, but the Dj has been standing on his feet saying that he has paid Nomcebo all her money that she owes her which causes a lot of confusion.

The Limpopo Dj has made millions of money with this song where he was getting the bookings across the world of the people who want to see, this man from Limpopo performing live on stage and see the Nomcebo Zikode singing it with her amazing voice.

Both artists are still telling different stories which causes a lot of stress for their supporters because they don’t know who to believe anymore, and this has caused the artist to fight each other and said bad words which might lead them to court.

Nomcebo has also said that she is tired of been hated for lies which cause their conflict to be serious, and now things might damage the image of the Dj we’re he might end up not getting the bookings that he uses to get before.

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