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No vaccination for those who have recovered from Covid19 before 30 days pass



The Covid19 pandemic has caused serious havoc in the country where many people have lost their lives and some have lost their jobs because of the tough restrictions that were introduced by the president, of the country Cyril Ramaphosa we’re he took the country to several levels of this lockdown.

But many people have gained hope when the government introduced the Covid19 vaccines earlier this year where they have also called for the people to be vaccinated, so that they can help to fight the spreading of this virus that has been difficult to be stopped by the doctors.

The government has shared the important message to all South Africa who has just been recovered from this virus that they must take 30 days, before they can be vaccinated so that their body can get back to normal, and the information can be helpful to many South Africans who are looking to take off to the clinics and be vaccinated.

After healing from this virus it means that you have to take time before you can other infections of the vaccine which has been one of the goals that the government, wants to reach this day so that all South Africans can be vaccinated and help others to fight this pandemic.

Can people listen to this advice because most people are too desperate to be vaccinated and this might make them? rush to the vaccination centers so that they be healed from this virus that had caused chaos and some people have been forced to take this injection.

The place that they are working on gives them no choice but to be vaccinated because they meet many people every day, and this makes people to be easily infected with this virus and this was made people have no choice but to be vaccinated because they might lose their jobs.

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