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‘New Tobacco Bill not about total ban on cigarettes’



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Parliament’s Portfolio Committee on Health says the Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Control Bill is not calling for a total ban on cigarettes but is rather aimed at protecting the vulnerable from second-hand smoke.

The committee is traveling across provinces to get the public’s views on the Bill that seeks strict control measures on the sale, distribution, packaging, and advertising of cigarette products.

The Bill also proposes plain packaging for cigarettes with graphic health warnings and pictures.

Acting Chairperson for the Portfolio Committee on Health, Annah Gela, says the bill also seeks to curb the illegal trade of cigarettes.

“We are not burning the cigarette, but we are trying to control because there are a lot of illicit cigarettes in the country. We are trying to regulate; we are not saying people must stop smoking,” she says.

Tobacco sellers worried about new bill:

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