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“I feel helpless,” DJ Zinhle writes about Kairo as late baby-daddy, AKA turns 36



DJ Zinhle remembers her late baby daddy, AKA

DJ Zinhle pours out her heart about Kairo Forbes as her late daddy, AKA turns 36 today.

The South African rapper was a father to the young star, who was birthed while dating the DJ.

Zinhle and AKA excelled in co-parenting Kairo till death stole him after being shot in Durban last year.

The Forbes are going through the most emotionally and Zinhle is also a partaker of the pain as her dear daughter lost her dad and she’s still healing.

Read the full note DJ Zinhle wrote below:

Kairo had a tough week leading up to Kiernan’s birthday, as a mother, I want her to heal & celebrate her dad but it’s too soon.

The past year has been a roller coaster, my God!!! Everyday I hold my breath hoping she’s okay… I feel helpless cause I can’t help my child deal with the pain.

@murdahbongz thank you for holding us close & protecting us. My prayer is that we never fail Kairo, that we always allow love & kindness to flow into her life so she never feels lost without Kiernan. I know that will take time but I trust God, it might not be now but God knows you’ve put pride aside for your family & I am grateful for you.

Imagine if I was dealing with a child who lost her dad alone but instead we have each other, my family the Jiyanes, the Mohosanas, the Forbes, @nadianakai & all my friends, thank you for sharing the load with @murdahbongz & I.

Family is love. Family is us! Happy Heavenly Birthday Kiernan.

Today is gonna be a tough day. Keep @lynnforbesza & @tonydforbes in your prayers!

Today feels as heavy as the day we lost him, God give us strength.

Full Story Source: “I feel helpless,” DJ Zinhle writes about Kairo as late baby-daddy, AKA turns 36

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