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Nasty C expresses gratitude to Rick Ross



Nasty C appreciates Rick Ross

Nasty C expresses gratitude to the international star Rick Ross.

Rick acknowledges Nasty’s talent and hyped him during a recent live chat on Instagram.

The South African rapper returned the kind gesture by expressing deep gratitude to Ross.

“I wanna send a message to Rick Ross, yoh bro, thank you dawg, you’re an icon, you’re a legend you already know that, everyone knows that and you’ve been given a talent, you’ve been given a gift, you’ve been given a crazy blessing and you’re sharing that with everyone so thank you,” Nasty C said.

“Not only for what you’re doing for me, but for what you’re doing for everybody else, I just wanna say thank you, bro.”

Nasty C briefly talked about the Zimbabwe link-up.

“I honestly would have just been happy with what I already got, which is to meet you in Zim and get a picture with you. As someone who grew up watching you on TV, that alone made me very happy. But it went so much further than that, you know my name, you know my music and you celebrate me the way you do, so thank you,” he said.

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