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ANC opened doors for Amapiano – President Cyril Ramaphosa



Cyril Ramaphosa dragged for crediting ANC on Amapiano’s success

President Cyril Ramaphosa claims that the  African National Congress (ANC) is part of Amapiano’s success story.

The genre is doing great beyond the borders of South Africa as it’s bagged international nods and collaborations.

In a video that surfaced on social media, the President said that the ANC party opened doors for Amapiano to other countries.

“Today, people in New York, Lagos, and Nigeria are dancing to Amapiano because of the doors that have been opened by this ANC government”.

“Young people are excelling in Amapiano and they are trying to teach me to dance to Amapiano,” Ramaphosa was quoted as saying.

The video sparked anger in netizens as people called Cyril a liar.

Some of the reactions are:

“Lies: 68 %. Unemployment: 32 %,” @bruce_neptune replied.

“The 29th just seems so far right now🙄🚮🥱,” @zuma_sbu said.

“When Amapiano artists were struggling to get visas for international bookings, the entire government was quiet!!! They actually don’t give a damn about amapiano, arts and entertainment in general. They only care about sports,” @darion4k commented.

“The only President that can lie with a straight face,” @andile_sfis wrote.

“The way they neglect artists, he has no right to say such… During Covid they were left to fend for themselves, they became a joke on Twitter haters saying they must survive on the 350 stipend. The music is where it is because of artists and social media… Sit down Mr President,” @misst_prmanager commented.


Full Story Source: ANC opened doors for Amapiano – President Cyril Ramaphosa

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