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Muvhango| Love is in the air for Vutshilo as he approach Gugu



The young Venda boy is going all out to get the woman that she loves which seems older than him.

Gugu is a successful woman, her journey to the top has had it’s ups and downs. Like most women who are on top of the corporate ladder, finding true love is generally a mystery. Gugu is no exception and She has been unlucky in love on several occasions. Remember Gugu is lonely and she took out her loneliness on Vhutshilo.

Gugu regrets her relatinship with Vutshilo the morning after and she acts embarrassed about what they did, but she also can’t seem to resist her attraction to Vhutshilo. Vhutshilo on the other hand is blinded by love. He’s told himself that he can’t date his peers because they’re not mature enough. Gugu on the other hand….

Their romance simmers though after when Vhutshilo is summoned to Venda after his gran Vho-Masindi (Regina Nesengadi) is shot.  Gugu can’t help but miss her toyboy’s attention and new fire is blown onto the cold relationship coals as she counts down the days before Vhutshilo returns.

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