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Murder suspects of farm manager in Senekal has appeared in court today



The most talk about a case that has captured the attention of many people across the world last year will resume today at the Senekal magistrate court, where both suspects will be applying for bail which might see them going home.

There have been many incidents that happened on this court before we’re angry farmers were fighting together with the police which has caused, havoc in the country where many people fought each other because of the disagreement that they have during that time.

After this hardship that farmers went through this case remains unsolved and now this bail application might shock, the whole country if the magistrate decides to give all of these suspects bails.

But can this be a true test for the judiciary of this country because the evidence that that has been found is not that good, because there’s a huge chance that this can walk out as free people if they get a good lawyer that will represent them?

The family of Horner still wants closure for the death of their son who was brutally killed by these people, but now they will be looking for the court of law to deny this suspect’s bail so that they can take some time in prison this year.

The people of this country are still waiting to see how this case will end because justice has to be done for the young man who was brutally killed, that day by this suspect which has caused a lot of fears across the world where farmers have been the victims of this killings

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