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Mihlali Ndamase’s mom and siblings seek spiritual help



Mihlali Ndamase’s family members were seen been attended to by a prophet during a church service.

According to Zimoja, the family sought for spiritual help as they were facing various challenges.

Mihlali’s mom Phumla Ndamase who is a businesswoman received a prophecy on her life and her mental wellness, along with Mihlali’s cousin.

The prophet said Phumla has a high chance of getting bipolar, this is after she confirmed that her brother has been living with bipolar.

“I am seeing a recommendation for you to be on anti-depressants,” the prophet said to Mihlali’s mom, who agreed that she has been through a lot. “It’s by God’s grace that I have not lost my mind. It’s a lot.”

The pastor told Mihlali’s cousin that if she did not get delivered, she might also suffer from the same illness. “The family needs deliverance, the whole family,” the prophet said. Mihlali’s mom said, her family struggles to talk about their issues and this is the first time they are consulting a prophet.

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