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Mbalula defends stella Ndabeni “Your second pic is not minister please delete”



A certain lady on Twitter actually tweeted a picture that had a lady who had some resemblance of Minister Stella Ndabeni Abrahams.

However the picture was not that of Stella ndabeni abrahams but the lady who twitter did not know and as such Mbalula came in Guns blazing saying that the picture should be deleted because it is not the minister.

Mzansi had thought about it done and over with believing that it is indeed the minister stella ndabeni abrahams.

She was being defended because she is a member of the ruling party and because she has to be respected as a minister I mean no one can disrespect people of such high powers.

As ministers they ought to defend one another which is what this minister is doing defending his fellow because he knows that it is important to stand in solidarity with one another in all cases of life

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