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Natasha Was Caught Sending Messages To This Male Celebrity



Natasha Tahane is a South African actress and Media personality. She has now been trending on social media for dating soccer star Lorch. MacG’s podcast is the number one watched podcast in South Africa. It is unfiltered, and they get to speak about everything and anything.

On today’s episode, MacG spoke about Natasha, and how she used to send messages to him back in the days. She sent messages before she became famous, and at times MacG would ignore her. The messages also exposed that he is now the one chasing her for interviews and he still hasn’t interviewed her yet.

MacG is a South African Presenter, DJ, and Podcaster. His podcast is so popular and loved by many. MacG, whose real name is MacGyver Mukwevho is still in his early 30s. He has been fired from two South African radio stations, but he continues to keep his head up.

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