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Magashule suspension case will be held before end of June



The suspended secretary-general of the African National Congress has opened a case last month on the court due to his suspension from the party.

Things got more interesting when the Suspend Sg said that the senior chancellor Advocate Dali Mpofu will represent him in court

Which made many people follow this case with numbers and now Mzanzi is standing with their feet to hear what will be discussed because he is out to get what belongs to him.

This means that he wants to return to his position as the Sg of the party which he thinks he was wrongly removed from it because of political motives that are going on in the party.

But it will all go down to the wire as the Anc are also hired the big guns to represent them in court which might cause havoc in the party.

Looking at the lawyer that will be representing the party will be the same one that helped Ramaphosa not release the CR17 statement.

This will make the case more difficult and expert has started to say that the Magashule suspension was unconstitutional.

Looking at how he has been chased out of the Luthuli house last month where the NWC decided to suspend him without noticing the NEC.

The step aside resolution has been causing more drama in the Anc and certain members have become the victims of this issue,

But others have been surviving it and this has been the matter that made many members of the party call for an early conference as a new way to vote for the leadership.

Because healing is what Anc needs after many factions that the party had during this five years were new leadership was voted in Nasarec in December 2017 conference.

The party will be tested this month

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