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KAYA FM presenter Thabiso Sikwane divorces DJ Fresh – What went wrong?



KAYA FM presenter Thabiso Sikwane divorces DJ Fresh – What went wrong?

DJ Fresh born Thato Sikwane has been making all sorts of headlines of late after his wife revealed that divorce was on the cards. It seems as if  Thabiso Sikwane has called it quits and is heading for divorce, bringing an end to their 15-year marriage. We can all agree that the marriage was full of violets and roses but was bumpy as it was marred with several cheating allegations.

The celebrated radio personality has three beautiful kids together. The famed DJ met the love of his love whilst he was part of YFM in 1996. No doubt the two were picture perfect and served goals, but the reasons behind their fallout are still sketchy. However, years later, the power couple has pulled a shocker and has left Mzansi wondering what went wrong.

KAYA FM presenter Thabiso Sikwane (Image credits @thabisosikwane)
KAYA FM presenter Thabiso Sikwane (Image credits @thabisosikwane)

Rumour mill has it that Fresh tried to save his marriage, but his efforts ended. Well, it seems as if we have managed to connect the dots about why the wedding went south. In the backdrop of their fallout, sources say Thabiso has outgrown DJ Fresh and wants a new chapter in her life.

Reasons behind KAYA FM presenter Thabiso Sikwane and DJ Fresh divorce

It has been established that Thabiso was done with DJ Fresh drama. In 2015, he was implicated in a love triangle, including his manager Tsolo Mosaka. However, the two are interested in running down the rumour and threatening to sue a tabloid that had connected the dots.

At some point, Fresh was axed from SABC because of offensive language on air. Well, Thabiso again stood by him. In recent years DJ Fresh has hogged the headlines for the wrong reasons. He has been nabbed not once but twice for rape.

DJ Fresh (Source Instagram)
DJ Fresh (Source Instagram@djfresh)

Another revelation is that Thabiso’s newfound fame has made her think she can call the shots in their marriage. The bubbly media personality also doubles as an author, entrepreneur and swimming instructor. The personality also happens to be Borona Productions, Chief Exectutive Officer.

Her busy schedule has been said to be privy to their divorce. Coming home late and having night outs and unending business meetings took a knock at their marriage. Unconfirmed reports have it that the two haven’t shared the same bed for more than six months. Rumour mill has it that fidelity issues have also been one reason for the fallout.

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