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Joburg mayor Jeff Makhubo is fighting for his life in Hospital



The Mayor of Joburg Mr. Makhubo has been admitted to hospital on Saturday afternoon due to the corona virus which has caused havoc in the province, the city of Joburg staff has been sending messages of comfort to the mayor, as he fights for his life in the hospital this weekend and this virus looks dangerous for someone on his age.

Johannesburg is the economic hub of this country and this issue is affecting the whole country because of the contribution the city is doing to other towns, because most people are coming to this city to buy items that can be good for their business but now things might be completed for them.

The light was starting to show in the city of Gold after Makhubo was announced as the mayor of this big city in Africa, we’re infrastructure was his main priority and he has done a wonderful job, by introducing a new technology that will have to help to fix the roads in the city.

Makhubo was loved by many people in the country because of the value he brought after Herman Mashaba retired of been the mayor of the city, due to the conflicts that were going on in the Democratic Alliance which has caused many people to follow him on his new party.

But Makhobo arrived at a good time where people have lost hope and he had to come in and install this hope for the people of this city after the departure of Mashaba, and this has also helped the Anc to get their municipality back from the DA.

South Africans are very concern about this issue and they are wishing him a speedy recovery, so that he can get back on his feet to lead this city again and provide quality service delivery to the people of Joburg.

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