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Jacob Zuma might be a serious threat to this government



The Jacob Zuma foundation has expressed their heartfelt message about the recent judgment that was taken by the constitutional court, in the morning where they have decided to reject the Jacob Zuma application that was made by his legal team to withdraw his 15 monthly sentence.

But Zuma can celebrate the reason that he has been granted parole and this time he might serve his sentence at home and looking at how he has been dealing with many cases lately, many people can say that he was lucky to have walked out as a free man where he will be spending time at home.

This has been one of the issues that Cyril Ramaphosa as the president of the Anc will have to look into because they must try to defend him for the sake of the party so that they can occupy their support in the province of Kwazulu Natal, where he is residing or living this day.

Will Zuma’s issue tests the support of his followers on the upcoming elections because it’s clear that many people are following him and they want to see him getting the fair trial that he needs, which is why they have been several protests happening in the country in July.

Zuma has been making serious threats before he was arrested were he said that he will start to expose those who have killed Chris Hanni which has started to cause a lot of worries were some says, why he didn’t do that during the past years while he was still the president of this country.

Fact remains that Chris Hanni’s death has shocked the whole world and this might be the things that people like Zuma have been keeping quiet for long, so that he cannot share it with the people because of the loyalty that he has in the Anc.

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