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Chief justice Raymond Zondo still needs more time on state capture commission



The deputy Cheif Justice has been the most talk about the person the days after he has asked more time to work on other cases at the state capture commission, which has started to be a huge problem because of the current situation that is going in the now where everyone need to clear their names.

It’s election time and everyone don’t want bad publicity now because it ruins their election campaign where it can also cause voters to vote for another party, and this will happen mostly in the Anc which is the one that has been exposed to this issue that has been happening in the country.

Zondo and his commission have been causing havoc in the country where most Anc leaders have been arrested, and the party will be tested big time in this year’s election where many leaders might give their votes to other parties because of how the party has betrayed them after their findings on the commission.

Zondo will have to wait for the answers because this commission has caused serious harm in the politics of this country, where the Anc as the ruling party might think otherwise because of the hectic times that they are going through because of the outcomes of this commission.

It’s clear that corruption has been happening a lot in this country but a wise politician will make sure that the safe what is left on his party so that he can have a victory in the upcoming elections, because everyone needs each other now and the unity that Ramaphosa has been talking about must be put onto practice.

The majority rules in this country and everyone is looking out for his party so that they can regain their power back and the only thing that will be destroyed is the Anc if Zondo commission time is extended, can this be a huge lesson to all Anc that the party is important than everything.

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