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Is Zodwa finally a sangoma



Zodwa Wabantu is one of the entertainers that lives her life to the fullest because of the career that she has chosen to take where she performed naked at parties, and this has made many people be attracted to her because she is just doing what she thinks is right for her.

Many people were making a lot of noise about how Zodwa handles herself where he was seen wearing Sangoma clothes which have got the whole country shaking.

People know what this woman is capable of where he makes a man go crazy when she gets on stage.

But this has been a difficult lifestyle that anyone can live because it can put someone’s life in danger where they might be a target of human trafficking.

Bit if anyone is happy then Zodwa can keep on making money for herself because she is really in business.

She is also getting many bookings from many events that are hosted in the country where she makes people go crazy when they see her

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