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Is Maps and Sho Madjozi dating? There’s no smoke without fire



These two media personalities had sparked dating rumors before but with different celebrities. There really isn’t smoke without fire. Are they dating or what?

Well social media got their eyes pinned on them. Every move. As they are watching their moves they got the puzzles fixed. B

It all started when Sho Madjozi was posting her pictures exploring the country of Rwanda. It was spotted that Maps was sharing pictures at the same location. Seems like a baecation right?

Their pictures lead to Twitter. It left twitters questioning how a coincidence like this is possible, or if their pictures was work related why didn’t they just post themselves together?

While some are loving the idea of them together as a couple, some believe that this could have been a work related thing and they just don’t want to be excited too soon.

Look at the reaction at Twitter. This left twitters with questions. They digging deep to find out the truth.

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