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Uzalo | Zekhethelo’s Net Worh, Age, Career And More



Nyalleng Thibedi is a South African actress best known for her performance on Uzalo as Zekhethelo.

The goal was to use acting as a form of therapy. It, on the other hand, rubs off on her, and she transforms into the superstar we all know and love. She is the epitome of “black doesn’t crack,” and every woman wants to know what she drinks to stay young. Perhaps this essay will shed light on everything. Let’s take a look at Nyalleng Thabedi’s biography to find out more about her age, children, net worth, automobiles, and other interesting facts.


Born on 4 September 1980, Nyalleng Thibedi is currently 40 years old.


The actress has debunked the myth that those working in the entertainment sector aren’t academically brilliant. Nyalleng is a certified Chemical Engineer, believe it or not. Isn’t it shocking? She pursues her passion for the arts by studying acting in New York City, where she appears in various film productions. “After learning about the concept of an actors’ studio, I made the decision to relocate to the Americas. “I spent a total of SIX years in the United States working, taking lessons, being a member of a theatre group, and acting in each stage show I could,” she explains.


If you look at Uzalo, you’d guess she’s in her twenties. It’s quite believable since she executes it perfectly. She is, however, much older than twenty. Nyalleng is actually 40 years old and a mother, something she isn’t afraid to admit. She considers being a mother to be one of life’s most thrilling and enjoyable experiences. Nyalleng’s six-year-old kid has taught her to be selfless.

Estimated Net Worth

There’s little doubt that the actress and model is working her tail off to keep the money coming in. She earns R25,000 to R35,000 per month from Uzalo. That, along with all of her previous modeling jobs, has helped her to amass a sizable sum of money.


When it comes to automobiles, the actress appears to have impeccable taste. She owns a BMW 2 Series Convertible costing R723 000 and a Range Rover that is almost the same price.

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