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Fly by night salon killed this lady’s confidence



A lady who expected good results in form of beauty got disappointed after seeing that she looks like this!

A lady went through internet searching for a hairstyle that will be perfect for the whole week at work. She brought a picture of a hairstyle to a local salon and she was happy that she will kill it at the office.

Unfortunately her happiness ended in tears after she was styled a pomet that didn’t even looked like in the picture. We do not know if the hair dresser was experienced or not but by the look of the hairstyle she was scammed.

There are many salons out here and people like to support them because supporting local businesses is important. Many do not know if the hair dressers went to school for it or they are just talented. The results are found just after it is done.

Sad news for the lady with high hopes that she will be beautiful after getting a hairstyle that is not done by many people. She got disappointed after she got bad results of the hairstyle.


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