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Bonang sued Rea Gopane for R500k for defamation of character- saying that she introduced AKA to drugs



Bonang Matheba is a South African Media personality, and also a business woman. She has been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade now, and has been upping the game ever since.

Bonang has trended for so many things, some of which are positive, and some negative. She doesn’t usually respond to things that are said about her on social media. She always ignored all the negative things that people have to say about her, and keep on with positive vibes.

On the 9th of May, Bonang was trending on social media after a clip from a YouTube channel started doing its rounds. This came after AKA’s fiance’s passing. There was a rumor going around, regarding Nelli’s death, where people kept saying the death was related to substance abuse. The rumor also continued to say Bonang was the one who introduced AKA to those substances.

Bonang’s lawyers made contact with the person who had made those allegations, and asked him to retract what he had said. He didn’t do so, and today Bonang decided to serve him with the letter. The later from her lawyers state that the guy has to apologize in all his social media platforms, and also pay Bonang an amount of R500 000 within 10 days.

In the letter it is stated that Rea Gopane was contacted and he was asked to try and apologize publicly but obviously he didn’t, and its also looks like he only took it seriously after the release of the letter because now he twitted:

“You have my number. I love you and appreciate you. You inspire me. Take care @bonang_m”
But now we believe it is very late for him to actually think that he can try to be nice toward Bonang Matheba

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