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Fikile Mbalula is in big trouble after saying this



The minister of transport Mr. Fikile Mbalula has been given 24 hours to apologize to Carl Niehaus after he mentioned bad things about the Anc veteran, earlier this week after the was lot of division in the party which resulted in factions where Mbalula said that Carl is in charge of the unrest happening in the country last week.

Mbalula will have to apologize before 3:00 pm tomorrow or further steps will be taken against him because Niehaus, has come out gun blazing after hearing his name mentioned by the minister when he was live on the interview caused a lot of confusion in the corridors of Luthuli house.

Many people are waiting for tomorrow to see if Mbalula will be making an apology to Carl because if he doesn’t he will have to deal with him in court, and also in the structures of the ruling party. After all, Justice has to be served for those who don’t obey the law.

Mabalula has been always in trouble this day about the comments that he is doing on his Twitter post, as he talks about anything he wants without any concern about what will happen in the future was sometimes he gets summoned by the leadership of the party to apologize.

Carl has also posted a letter on his Twitter post of the lawyers summoning Mbalula to apologize on Friday afternoon, but this will be one of the hectic things that the minister will be doing because he calls himself fear fool which means he doesn’t fear anything that comes on his way.

Will, he finally be brave enough to avoid these orders or he will just do the honorable thing of apologies to his comrade, which might be good for him because he will be respecting the law.

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