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DRAMA: Jessica Mbangeni falls during Kuli Roberts memorial service – VIDEO



Kuli Roberts’ memorial service did not end well for praise poet Jessica Mbangeni. She fell down while performing on stage! The multilingual artist performed for numerous celebrity and political welcomes and goodbyes, and yesterday she was invited to showcase her talent at Kuli’s memorial.

Jessica was looking like her usual self when performing. She had on glamorous make-up on her face with lots and lots of shimmer. She also wore a substantial elaborate Xhosa traditional attire. Her Xhosa wear had multiple black and white layers, with tons of beads to complete it.

As a professional performer, the poet continued with her performance and uttered, “Sustain our heritage and intelligence and maintain our traditional protocol.” on her praise poetry dedicated to the late entertainment journalist, she said, “Nomakula Kuli Roberts, we will always remember you, for memories our heritage, it helps us to preserve our culture…” When the praise poet was on the word ‘ culture ‘, she fell to the floor on her bottoms.


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After Jessica fell, two men came and offered their aid to help her up, but she continued with her poem still sitting on her behind. Many celebrities have carried on performing after things like this happened.

One of the reasons for the world, ‘ the show goes on ‘ is that when mishaps happen during live performances, the artist does not stop performing. Even if one lineup artist fails to attend and do the job, the show goes on without them. We’ve seen this happen when international singer Beyoncè had her hair stuck on a fan whilst singing, and she didn’t stop performing. When Janet Jackson’s outfit ripped off on her chest region, she also carried on her performance. AKA also tried to crowd surf once, but he continued rapping the crowd missed him. Every industry has its rules, and Jessica displayed a high professionalism rank.

As we all know, Mzansi people will joke about the most profound things. People joked and said she fell due to the weight of her Xhosa outfit.

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Source Link DRAMA: Jessica Mbangeni falls during Kuli Roberts memorial service – VIDEO

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