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Benefits Of Having A Big Bum In SA



WHAT does Buhle Samuels, Boity Thulo and Tebogo Thobejane have in common?

Besides them being social media influencers, they are powerful and beautiful women with big rear ends.

Often the first and most apparent body-part, people with big bums often grab the most attention.

Close to the face and breasts, the bum grabs a lot of the attention and according to David Buss, a psychology professor at the University of Texas in Austin.

Men for instance are drawn to a woman’s bum for the same reason they’re attracted to her breasts, hips, and a little waist because those traits would have been indicators of fertility to her ancient ancestors.

For women, psychologist Dr Kerri Johnson explains that women are attracted to how the man’s bum enhances his body movement.

While having a big bum may be attributed to one being unhealthy, there are some health benefits that come with having a big rear end.

According to, these are some of the health benefits that come with having a big bum:

1. You’re Less Likely to Develop Certain Chronic Illnesses

People with larger hip and thigh circumferences appear to have a lower risk of early death from any cause compared to those who carry their fat around their abdomen, regardless of overall body fat, according to a September 2020 meta-analysis in The BMJ. This is because higher subcutaneous thigh fat in women is related to lower glucose and triglyceride levels, while belly fat is associated with higher glucose and triglyceride levels according to Pauline Jose, a clinical instructor at UCLA.

2. You Push Harder during Workouts

A big bum can even help improve your workouts. That’s because the gluteus maximums is the largest muscle in the human body. This powerhouse in your posterior chain helps you hold an upright posture and execute vital lower-body movements like climbing stairs.

3. You suffer from less back pain

According to a study in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science, building strong gluteus may reduce lower back pain and enhance lumbar muscle strength and balance. – Daily Sun

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