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DJ Tira and Naakmusiq make peace




In an unexpected twist, famous South African musicians DJ Tira and Naakmusiq have apparently resolved their conflict and are back in the studio together. The two artists were formerly in disagreement with each other, with rumours suggesting that there was animosity between them, however, it appears that they have now buried the hatchet and are working together once again.

Tira and Naakmusiq had a dispute over money issues four years ago. It was claimed at the time that Naakmusiq barged into Tira’s house in Ruimsig,west of Johannesburg, where he demanded that Tira pays him all the money he had earned on downloads. This ended their long friendship. Naaqmusic was signed under Tira’s label Afrotainment. “They have sorted their issues out and they are back together working on new projects. They started by teaming up with Mayonie founder Zakhele “Zakes Bantwini” Madida.

They are done with that project where they feature Zakes and now they are working on their project on the side,” a source said who added, “Naak is very happy to be back together with Tira as he feels he is the only producer who understand him and his music. They have done very well in the past and surely he is eager to give us good music.” Naaqmusic shared pictures of the two together confirming that they were in studio together captioned, “Studio camp day 4”.

The picture which showed the musician embracing Tira was met with different opinions from social media users with some implying that their relationship was more than bromance. The musicians ignored the comments.

According to sources close to the musicians, the two have ironed out their differences and are now focused on creating new music that their fans will love. These news have come as a relief to their fans, who were worried that they may never see the two artists collaborate again. The two have both been successful in their own right, with DJ Tira being one of the most popular DJs in South Africa and Naakmusiq having made a name for himself as a talented actor, producer and performer. Both parties refused to comment on their renewed friendship.

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