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Cyan Boujee Allegedly Peeing Herself Due to BBL Complications |




Once again, Cyan Boujee is at the center of attention, and this time, it’s not for positive reasons.

Recent reports suggest that the controversial figure is grappling with health complications, mere months after undergoing surgery.

Social media is abuzz with discussions as users attempt to comprehend the peculiar situation surrounding Cyan Boujee’s alleged loss of bladder control.

The internet sensation is now making headlines for reportedly facing challenges related to her bladder function post her BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) surgery.

The revelation surfaced through a post shared on the well-known parody account @AdvoBarryRoux, creating a stir among followers.

According to the shared information, Cyan Boujee is experiencing difficulties, including involuntary urination, even when in a seated position.

The post has ignited conversations online, with users expressing their concerns and seeking more details about the circumstances surrounding the controversial star’s health.

As the situation unfolds, social media platforms are rife with speculation and discussions about the potential complications linked to cosmetic surgery.

The latest developments add a layer of intrigue to Cyan Boujee’s journey, drawing attention and raising questions about the challenges that can accompany such procedures.

Full Story Source: Cyan Boujee Allegedly Peeing Herself Due to BBL Complications | Mzansi Leaks

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