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Cyril Ramaphosa buys himself R3 million bull



Many people cannot understand the importance of a cow on the farm this day.

Because most farmers are busy planting on their gardens so that they can get food that they will sell to South Africans.

But for the president of South Africa, it was business as usual for him as he

stunned  all farmers at the auction in Mpumalanga on Sunday.

The president spoiled himself with an R3 million American breed bull together with his brother-in-law Patrice Motsepe.

This is a good thinking when it comes to business and they have made this an investment.

Knowing that it will benefit them in the future because this kind of cow is found in America.

As a businessman, you will know well that this kind of cow will sleep with others

Then they will be plenty of them and this is where they will go to auction and make billions of money with them.

This can be a true inspiration to many farmers in the country and those who are interested in farming

So that they can invest more in the livestock so that they can make a couple of thousands from it.

The president has also addressed the people in the auction but most people are still stunned by this R3 million bull.

Due to the conflict that is going on in the party, the president was able to make his way to the auction in Mpumalanga.

Because the drama that is going on in the party needs the president to pay his attention to it.


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