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No T-bone will be served at Spur drive-thru, but this will



No T-bone will be served at Spur drive-through but ribs will be served in just 5 minutes.

Pretoria Spur is in first attempt of drive-through this week, customers will get spur ribs prepared in 5 minutes but sadly for T-bone lover will have to visit the restaurant inside to get them.

The restaurant features boerewors rolls and to-go desserts on the menu for drive-through.

Spur is a traditionally family dining restaurant, it has a new addition now. A drive-through outlet situated in Karenpark, Pretoria.

In a statement this week Spur said, the company had come up with new menu innovations including snack meals such as “tripchips”, handheld breakfasts as well as roadhouse-style desserts on-the-go especially for those who never want to leave their cars.

The restaurant also has the most of  traditional Spur Menu along with the special drive-through offers.

Globally, the drive-through alternative has become restaurants’ saving grace during the era of social distancing, while sit-down restaurants generally struggle to attract patrons, even when lockdown rules allow them to operate freely.

Spur Drive-through

No T-bone will be served at Spur drive-thru, but this will

Spur drive-through in pics

We were starved and wanted to dig into a big meal, one of Spur’s most loved, the T-bone steak with some onion rings and chips. But, we were told the option was not available on the drive-through menu and that we’d have to dine-in for it.

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