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Crushed By Women: The Troubles Nollywood Legend Mr Ibu Faced Because Of His Wives



Prolific Nigerian actor John Okafor, famously known as Mr Ibu, lived a painful and heartbreaking life because of the wives he had while alive.

The continent is mourning the painful departure of Mr Ibu, who passed away on 2 March 2024 after a protracted battle with an undisclosed illness. In October, Okafor appealed to the public to donate funds towards his hospital bills. This was despite him looking frail and hopeless in a hospital bed. Weeks later, doctors amputated his leg.

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Barely three months later, Mr Ibu suffered a cardiac arrest and died. In his last days, he could no longer sit upright or eat alone. His wife had to feed him as all his strength disappeared.

The actor died a heartbroken man as he faced problems with the wives he married.


Mr Ibu Faced Hell With His Wives

Mr Ibu Wives
The Troubles Nollywood Legend Mr Ibu Faced Because Of His Wives [Image: @realmribu/Instagram]


The actor married his first wife in 1998. Little information is available online about her, but the two lovers were both from Nkanu West in the Enugu State of Nigeria.

Mr Ibu’s marriage went through a turbulent time, and it ended. During the divorce, the first wife took everything Mr Ibu had, including his savings from all the films he featured.

In 2010, he married Stella Maris Okafor in a traditional ceremony. Five years later, the two had a western white wedding and were together until Mr Ibu’s death.

After some years, the second marriage hit a bumpy patch, and the two would constantly fight.

Mr Ibu had an adopted daughter named Jasmine. The actor’s wife, Stellar, accused him of dating Jasmine, his adopted daughter. Speaking to one blogger, she accused Jasmine of taking over Mr Ibu’s Instagram to dupe him as he had dementia. Stella also alleged that her children were not attending school because Jasmine took all Mr Ibu’s money. Later, she retracted her statements and apologised.

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When Mr Ibu’s health woes deteriorated, his wife and daughter took all the money and chowed it. One X user, Albert Nat Hyde, revealed that his daughter misused the funds for his surgery. He also accused his wife, Stella, of asking from Mr Ibu for an iPhone 15 on his deathbed.

When he died over the weekend, the daughter took over his social media and put her picture, deleting Mr Ibu’s content.



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