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Cassper Nyovest flaunts fleet of white cars, while standing on top of his mansion



Refiloe Phoolo, also known as Cassper Nyovest, reflected on his wealth and success. He posted an image of his white mansion and white luxury cars; the picture was captioned, “My life was never easy.” Mufasa has always explained he never grew up wealthy, and at some point, life was hard for him, but her ground regardless.

Some people call Cassper a fraud because he grew up poor since his parents were teaching. People seem to forget, Cassper is one of three siblings, and a teacher’s salary is not always enough to sustain a home.

Industry breakthrough

After dropping out of high school to focus on music, he didn’t become an instant success. He spent years attending hip hop sessions and losing a few battles. HHP took him under his wing and mentored him for a while. Things changed after he released the hit song Doc Shebeleza.


After getting millions from his album sales and performances, he spoiled himself with his luxury home.

A fleet of white cars

Cassper owns two Bentleys, a white Mercedes, a white Rolls Royce, and a white McLaren’s recent vehicle purchase.

Cassper Nyovest flaunts white fleet of cars, while standing on top of his mansion
Cassper Nyovest flaunts a white fleet of cars while standing on top of his mansion. Credit: Instagram/CassperNyovest

Drip sneakers

Cassper is huge on investments; when he saw potential in the Drip sneaker line, he became a partner and created his sneaker line within the brand. Cassper borrowed him his McLaren not too long ago. He and the CEO have a good relationship.

Billiato launch

In the year 2021, Cassper reintroduced himself as Cassper Don Billiato. Ballito is the name of his new premium tacquilla beverage. Mufasa intends on growing the brand until it becomes a household name.

Massive brand collaboration

The Doc Shebeleza hitmaker has worked with Samsung, Nescafe, the Global Citizen, and many more in his entire career.

Personal acclaim

Sure he has money from external investments but, he’s also built some stuff for himself. His family tree record label, for instance, signing successful artists, the fill-up concerts and his international collaborations.

When Cassper posted the image, he inspired many, with nearly 2000 people congratulating him on his comment section. Upon reflecting on his wealth, he should be a proud man. He built everything from the ground up.

Source Link Cassper Nyovest flaunts fleet of white cars, while standing on top of his mansion

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