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Are They Just Friends Or Something More?




The rumour mill is buzzing once again with speculation about Pabi Cooper and Focalistic’s alleged affair.

Despite the constant fueling of these rumours on social media, the two have remained tight-lipped and have yet to address the daring speculations that continue to thrust them into the spotlight.

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Recently, Pabi Cooper took to Instagram to share some photos with Focalistic, captioning them with a simple “Go Time.”

This immediately sparked a frenzy among fans, who flooded the comments section with their opinions. Some were convinced that the two were more than just friends, while others were not so sure.

One fan with the username @j_.ustgoogleme commented, “Yeah, something is surely up ❤️🔥.” Another user, @katli_2709, posted, “These people are dating, it’s that simple.”

Even @unathi_msiwa couldn’t help but ask, “@cooper_pabi and @focalistic tell me something here🤔🤔niyajola on the low, or y’all are besties cause one thing I’ve noticed, y’all are always ka so 🤞🏾.”

This is not the first time Pabi Cooper and Focalistic have caused a stir. Back in 2023, Cooper shared a cosy picture with Focalistic, accompanied by a cryptic caption.

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Later, the two shared videos of themselves living it up in Miami on Instagram. However, it remains unclear whether they were touring together or if Focalistic had simply tagged Cooper since he had gigs scheduled for Miami.

So, are Pabi Cooper and Focalistic just friends or is there something more going on? Only time will tell. Until then, let the speculation continue and the rumour mill keep churning.

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