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Angie Motshekga said something that devastate 2021 Grade 12



Angie Motshekga makes a big announcement for all 2021 Grade 12 pupils with immediate effect.

Grade 12 midyear exams scrapped to make up for lost time. 

Minister Angie Motshekga says the period will be used for curriculum catch-up.

The department of education is cancelling the midyear exams for grade 12 pupils to allow them time to cover the curriculum.

In a presentation to the portfolio committee on basic education on the impact of Covid-19 on teaching and learning on Tuesday, minister Angie Motshekga said the department wanted to keep the grade 12s in class for as long as possible.

She also addressed issues concerning the risk-adjusted differentiated strategy and readiness of primary schools to receive all pupils from July.

“We want to make up for the loss of time and for them to cover the curriculum. They did not go on holiday in March and most of the schools are giving extra classes. The [usual] June period of exams will be used to cover the curriculum. We also have a team monitoring Covid-19 infections on a daily basis,” Motshekga said.

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