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Anc manifesto is different to other parties



Anc has been doing things differently than other parties when they are approaching the elections where they are giving the South Africans the opportunity to participate on who they will like to see as their councilor of that certain ward, where they have a chance so that they can choose someone that they trust and know on their community.

This has given the party lot of support when it comes to getting more votes because they have won the majority of municipalities before which makes them to get more power that they need in the municipal council. After all that is where the politics begin where their membership is situated and where their branches take decisions.

The party has been controlled by their branches where they have given them the power to be the ones that decide on which decisions should be taken in the party, when they are electing the new leadership of the party which is very good because they give all the people the responsibility to be the ones that choose what they want.

The party has done a different manifesto to other parties where they have gone underground to different regions and communities, where they have listened to what people needs and after this they have made this their priority that they will deliver to those needs that people are seeking every day in this country.

The manifesto is more about service delivery which are the things that many people experience everyday like the sewerages that needs to be fixed, and the roads that have potholes in their communities so that they can be fixed by the municipal officials who are working every day to make sure that this things are completed.

Ramaphosa’s leadership has been making things easy since he became in power where his priority was to fight corruption that has been happening in this country, where municipalities have been the hotspot of this challenge because money has been spent on them by the national government.

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