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AKA’s newly engaged fiancee Nelli Tembe has reportedly died



Today we were waken up by bad news that AKA’s Fiancé Nellie Tembe has committed suicide. The story has started as a rumor that she jumped off the 10th floor in a hotel at Cape Town. The Rapper or family has not said or confirmed the rumor, however it has been confirmed by several sources that AKA is grief stricken.

The Rapper’s manegment is not at liberty to share any further details and they have requested that we give the family time to heal with the shock. It is reported that Nellie’s family will be the ones who will release a statement in due couse.

While this is still a build up story, it has been reported that even last year Nellie has attempted to commit suicide in durban. The police were called and they managed to save her.



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