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Ace Magashule takes Anc to court over his suspension



It’s a different approach for Ace Magashule as he takes his party to court due to his suspension.

But political experts are coming with different views regarding the case of the secretary-general of Anc

Saying that it’s all about buying time for the Free State born leader as he approaches branches for support.

Which he has on his due to fact that they want Ramaphosa to be removed as the President of the party.

But some say he wants to expose the judiciary due to favors that they are doing to some comrades.

It’s a ball game that needs a different approach from the comrades because they working hard to ensure unity.

But this days Anc described as a fallen party where comrades are using personal agenda to enrich themselves.

The early conference is also so. being that branches of the party are calling to happen,

Because the Secretary-General of the party is suspended and they looking to retain him to his position.

Only time will tell as both Magashule and Ramaphosa are playing a dangerous game that will take one out of power.

But Ramaphosa is the main man now because he is winning the first round on suspending the Secretary-General.

But the opponent comes to stronger in the next round as his denying to apologize to the President in public.

This means the Sg is having another strategy that will be used to neutralize the Ramaphosa.

Who is been accused of using media to talk good things about the president so that his image is well respected.

Anc is also losing some cases in court and this case that Magashule has opened might also be a win for him.

But time will tell as things looks difficult for the leadership of the party and It can be bad.

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