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5 smart vegetable storing hacks to save money



Buying fresh and right fruits and vegetables is an art.

To understand whether the fruit or vegetable is ripe or unripe and whether it is good to be cooked calls for a lot of understanding and practicing the art of shopping for fruits and vegetables.

And then keeping them fresh and lasting is another task to ponder. Well, today, we will focus more on the latter and tell you some really lesser-known kitchen hacks for storing vegetables that will help you save some money.

Let us tell you about the five vegetables and herbs that you can keep fresh for a long time using these interesting hacks.

1. Cabbage

Use a knife to cut out the cabbage tip, stuff it with tissue paper, and spray water. Put it in the refrigerator, and it will be fresh for more than 15–20 days.

2. Garlic

Add salt and tea leaves to a bag full of garlic and keep it sealed. This will keep the garlic fresh for at least 6 months.

3. Carrot

Lay the onion skin underneath the basket, and then layer the fresh carrots. This way, you can store them fresh for at least 3 months without them going bad.

4. Tomato

Cover the crown of the tomatoes with a small piece of tape, and this way you can keep the tomatoes fresh and juicy for 10–15 days.

5. Celery

Wrapping celery in aluminum foil keeps it crisp and fresh, not limp and soggy.

Note: Apart from this, it is said that cleaning the veggies and removing the excess moisture from the vegetables, which is layered on top of the vegetables due to water spray in the market, help increase their shelf life. Cleaning and removing the dirt and dust automatically improves the shelf life of vegetables. Also, pesticides are sprayed on vegetables to prevent the attack of insects and pests. If the vegetables are stored in a dark place or in the refrigerator without washing, removing the pesticides, and drying them up, then excess moisture might damage them, and bacteria on the exteriors of the vegetables might damage other vegetables in the refrigerator. Hence, it is strongly advised to wash the fruits and vegetables before storing them in the right place and packet.

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