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10 easiest countries if you want to emigrate to Europe



If you’re looking to emigrate to Europe but don’t have an EU passport, these countries should be your first port of call. And, don’t worry, we won’t think any less of you.

One quick caveat, though. If you’ve only got a ‘green mamba’ and no skills, education or ancestral links to foreign citizenship – it will be nearly impossible to relocate to Europe.

The latest emigration data for those who are looking to move to Europe suggests Sweden, Norway and the Netherlands are your best bets. Something that does come into the equation is whether you’re a man or woman, report IOL.


Europe is considered a top destination by many because of the travel opportunities afforded to EU-passport holders. Bryan Brooks from CanadaCIS says it also has the highest quality of life indicators, for career prospects, living conditions and healthcare.

Interestingly, in nine out of 10 countries, the naturalisation rate is higher for women than it is men. Women tend to be more eligible because they possess the required skills to fill critical shortages. Here are the percentages of non-EU citizenships in the following countries:


Rank Country %
1. Sweden 9.3 %
2. Norway 7.4 %
3. Netherlands 7.1 %
4. Portugal 6.6 %
5. Iceland 6.5 %
6. Ireland 6.5 %
7. Romania 6.3 %
8. United Kingdom 5.9 %
9. Belgium 5.8 %
10. Finland 5.0 %

Perhaps counter-intuitively, you’re less likely to emigrate to Europe if you approach the following, less-favoured countries. Data shows that less than 1 % gained citizenship to Latvia, Czechia, and Lithuania. This is well below the European average of 3.56 %.

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