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Zuma will be hounered by a special welcome prayer in October



The ‘people’s President’ Former President Jacob Zuma is in Nkandla recovering from an undisclosed illness. Zuma, who is currently out of prison on a medical parole, is serving a 15 month sentence for being in contempt of court.

He could not finish the prison in prison and the then prison boss granted him the parole, which was welcomed by President Cyril Ramaphosa. His release found him in prison and now he has since been discharged.

Although his family did nor want to make Zuma’s discharge public, it was leaked by the media. The Jacob Zuma Foundation has now organized a National Welcome Prayer which will be held on the 14 Oct 2021.

The Foundation will be hosting the prayer for Zuma in Nkandla, KwaZulu-Natal. Faith based Religious Organisations, the public and NGO’s including all political parties are invited. The Foundation has made it clear that the prayer will not be in violation of any covid regulations.

The invitation for the prayer has however sparked a debate. People say if Zuma is fit to attend such events, then he must also attend his court cases. “After the 14th the next date is 26th October at Petermaritzburg high court for the bandit.

If he is healthy to welcome people to the Nkandla house I hope he will be healthy enough to be welcomed by the honourable Judge Piet Koen so he can account for the nine wasted years and the bribes.

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