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Zuma threatens to lay chargers against Billy Downer



South Africans were left in shock on Wednesday after the former president of the country Jacob Zuma dropped a bombshell regarding the details of his case, where he has made threats that he will press charges against Billy Downer who was in charge of his case.

Zuma trial has left many people speechless were they have started to realize that they are political interference, in this case, were Zuma has been saying this all this time, but now people are starting to believe what they have the former president has been saying all this time about his court cases that have left many people talking in the country.

According to Zuma, this judge was involved in linking his medical report to the media where they have exposed him about his medical records, which is not right for someone’s medical reports to be exposed like that where people are starting to see his status in the media.

This will also have a huge impact on his trial as it proceeds this week where it might work in his favor this time because the old man might use this as a tactic to come victorious on his case, which has become a nightmare for his family because they are worried about his health.

The former president was granted parole earlier this month because of his health which was not good because he was admitted to the hospital while he was still in prison, and this had a bad effect on his family because they were also worried about his life in prison if he will survive.

Will Zuma win this case because this will have a lot of changes on his trial and he will use this as a strategy that will help him to win this trial and with experienced lawyers like Advocate Dali Mpofu, things might go well for him.

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