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Zizi Kodwa Opposes Auctioning Of Nelson Mandela’s Belongings



The Minister of Sport, Arts and Culture, Mr Zizi Kodwa, has taken a stand against the auctioning of the late Nelson Mandela’s personal belongings.

In support of the South African Heritage Resources Agency (SAHRA), Minister Kodwa emphasizes the importance of preserving Mandela’s legacy for future generations.

Former President Nelson Mandela is an integral part of South Africa’s heritage, and his life, experiences, and legacy continue to shape the country’s values.

Minister Kodwa stresses the need to safeguard Mandela’s life’s work and experiences within the country, stating, “It is important for us to record and tell our stories to deepen our heritage.”

The intervention by SAHRA, which opposes the exportation and auctioning of Mandela’s belongings, is crucial in maintaining the rich heritage of South Africa.

The minister highlights the significance of supporting SAHRA’s efforts, stating, “The legacy of former President Mandela and many others who have contributed to getting South Africa where it is today as a free, democratic, and culturally diverse nation cannot be forgotten.”

The sentiment expressed by Minister Kodwa resonates with social media users, who also believe that Mandela’s personal items should not be auctioned. @Markedama expresses their disapproval, calling the act “wrong” and “very shameful.”

@RLEKWADU questions the rejection of Mandela by his own family, asking, “If the family rejects him, who are we as a society?”

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