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Why She Returned To Real Housewives Of Durban



Reality star Jojo Robinson caused quite a stir when she announced that she would never return to the Real Housewives franchise after feeling “bullied” on the show.

However, much to everyone’s surprise, Jojo has had a change of heart and decided to make a comeback for the fourth season of the Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD).


In a candid social media post, Jojo revealed her reasons for returning to the show. One of the main factors was her desire to showcase her new house, which she had teased in the previous season and on social media.

With an indoor heated pool and other extravagant features, Jojo couldn’t resist the opportunity to show off her fancy abode.

But it wasn’t just about the house. Jojo expressed that she didn’t want her story to end on the sour note of the previous season.

She wanted to continue her journey and rewrite the narrative that had left a bitter taste in her mouth. “My story wasn’t gonna end with that toxic sh*t show from last year. The story needed to go on,” she wrote.

With a touch of humour, Jojo admitted that changing her mind was something she did frequently, jokingly stating, “I’m a woman, I change my mind…like I do every 5 minutes of the day.”


She also acknowledged that she had healed from the wounds of the past season and was ready to face whatever new challenges came her way.

It seems that Jojo’s decision to return to Real Housewives of Durban was a combination of wanting to flaunt her luxurious new home and reclaiming her story.

Whether she will find the drama she’s looking for or encounter new surprises remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure – Jojo Robinson is back, and she’s ready for whatever comes her way.

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