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Vooma Vaccination has got people talking, see details



There has been a lot of f reactions on Friday after the president has introduced the Vooma Vaccination campaign in the country during his family meeting last night when he was addressing, the country about the activities that have been happening in the past month of fighting the Covid19 pandemic.

The deputy president David Mabuza also took the initiative to the streets of different towns in the country where he was telling the people about the importance of vaccination, which has become one of the most talk-about things in the country where the government urging all South Africans to take this vaccine.

The president of the country Cyril Ramaphosa was also in the Kaya FM we’re he spoke to millions of people who listen to this station about this campaign, this has shown how horsemen are serious about taking this vaccine to the people of this country so that they can protect themselves from Covid19.

The government is doing everything to make sure that people are safe, but they were a lot of reaction from other people who believe that there is more than vaccination into this campaign.

Others have said that the government is forcing people to vaccinate while some say that why don’t the Anc members steal this vaccine like they money from the poor people, and it shows that something has been hidden from this.

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