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Uzalo| Nyawo girlfriend has left him in shock



Nyawo just can’t resist his new girlfriend and this time the matter is getting worse every day were the detective house has to turn out to be the house where her new girlfriend market herself, which he accommodates his visitors to Nyawos bed to have sex with them which has become a serious problem for him.

The two didn’t get to terms of how they will stay together and now Nyawo has made things worse by telling this lady that she must stop doing that business, and the lady has proposed to him that he must pay him R10000 for the work that she does at his house like cleaning and cooking.

But how will Nyawo deal with this matter because that R10000 is the only salary that he gets which will make him broke and this can also ruin things for him, because he was starting to enjoying herself to this woman but he knows well what this woman is capable of?

Who will help this brother out this time because he won’t get away with this easily because this woman promises that he will report him to his colleagues at the police station, which has made things difficult for him because he has just won a huge price at the police station, and this might make things worse for him?

But Mondli is starting to notice something from this lady because he knows he has seen her as a sex worker and Nyawo doesn’t want to give them a chance to talk, which will make this thing end bad for him. After all no man wants other men to sleep on his bed with his woman just for sex.

How will Nyawo handle this pressure this week because this woman is out of control and she needs someone that can put her into her place so that she can stop playing mind games with this good guy, because he keeps on making people laugh with his English words that he gets from the dictionary?

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