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Trouble In Paradise For Scandal! Actors Hungani And Stephanie Ndlovu?



ACTORS Hungani and Stephanie Ndlovu have opened up about the toughness of marriage.

In their recent video on their YouTube channel, The Ndlovus Uncut, the couple said it’s no walk in the park and they didn’t know it would be so much work.

The former Scandal! actors have been married for three years after marrying in secret in 2019, and only announcing it a year afterwards.

Stephanie said before getting married, her family told her it wasn’t easy, but it was even tougher than she expected.

“I honestly did not expect marriage to be so much work. Being married is a lot of work. I’m not going to lie. Maybe for those who are watching and are married, you only started to put in the work in five or ten years. No, this marriage was work from the moment we said ‘I do’, in fact, before we said ‘I do’. It’s been a lot of work.”

She said sometimes they even considered leaving the marriage.

“I had an expectation that there was a certain understanding about who I am as a person and even as we get to know more of who we are because when you’re married and live together, you really get to know the person for who they are and I was like we’ll love each other through it,” she said.

“Little did I know that you sometimes sit with yourself and genuinely guys, it sounds scary but you ask yourself is this worth it? I’m tired, like is this really worth it or would we be happier if we just went apart because it’s draining and exhausting,” said Stephanie

Hungani said he got his ideal of marriage from his parents because they never argued and were always in sync. However, it wasn’t the same with Stephenie.

“We got married and we didn’t have that many disagreements or even arguments about material things, but it was more challenges on us individually as people coming together as one which is something I had never really dived into and tried to understand because I come with my own traumas, situations and insecurities, ego, pride and you have your own too.”

However, both said they were still learning about marriage and each other.

Hungani said he was learning to be selfless and put Stephanie first in almost everything he did.

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