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Tamia Mpisane Reveals Initial Disinterest In Andile “I Didn’t Like Him”



Tamia Mpisane, the wife of Andile Mpisane, recently made a surprising revelation on the first episode of the second season of the reality show Kwa Mam’Mkhize. She confessed that she wasn’t initially interested in her now-husband. However, Andile’s persistence eventually won her over.

In her own words, Tamia shared, “I met Andile through a mutual friend in December 2019. At first, I didn’t want him, but he was so persistent that I started to think, ‘Actually, I think I like him.’”


This candid admission sheds light on the early days of their relationship and adds a touch of reality to the glamorous world depicted on the show. It’s refreshing to see that even in the world of celebrities, love stories can have their ups and downs.

Tamia and Andile are now happily married and have two children together. Miaandy, their first child, was born in May 2022, followed by the arrival of their second child, Shauwn Junior, in September 2023. Andile also has two children, Flo and Coco, from a previous relationship with Sithelo Shozi.

The second season of Kwa Mam’Mkhize premiered in December 2023 on Showmax, giving fans a glimpse into the lives of the Mpisane family. It’s a show that combines glitz and glamour with relatable moments like Tamia’s admission of her initial disinterest in Andile.


Love stories are never straightforward, and Tamia’s revelation adds an intriguing twist to their journey. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected connections can turn into something beautiful.

So, if you find yourself not immediately smitten with someone, remember Tamia and Andile’s story. Love may just be waiting for the right moment to make its grand entrance.

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