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Sparks Fly As EFF And Other Parties Contemplates New Deputy-Mayor Position In Tshwane




The Tshwane city council is set to convene on Thursday to elect an ActionSA candidate for the newly created position of deputy mayor.

However, opposition parties, including the EFF and ANC, have expressed their opposition to the move, deeming it unnecessary.

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The proposal to establish the position of deputy mayor has received endorsement from the DA-led coalition government currently governing Tshwane, with Nasiphi Moya of ActionSA being nominated for the role.

Opposition Parties’ Concerns

The EFF regional chairperson and councillor, Obakeng Ramabodu, has accused the coalition parties of pursuing personal agendas rather than focusing on the needs of the city.

Ramabodu questions the motives behind the consideration of the deputy mayor position, as Tshwane has functioned without it since its inception in 2000.

He raises concerns that this move may be driven by a desire for shared political spoils and a sense of entitlement to political positions.

Ramabodu further argues that appointing a deputy mayor would place unnecessary strain on the already pressured municipal budget.

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He suggests that the resources allocated to this role would be better utilized in addressing urgent needs such as service delivery enhancements, infrastructure development, and social advancement initiatives.

Ramabodu highlights the municipality’s significant debt to Eskom as evidence of its inability to efficiently manage revenue collection, electricity distribution, municipal administration, and payments to creditors.

Opposition Parties’ Stance

The EFF in Tshwane urges ActionSA and the DA to prioritize the welfare of workers and the community over political manoeuvring.

The ANC, another opposition party, is also expected to reject the move. However, attempts to reach the ANC for comment were unsuccessful. Both parties argue that the city’s service delivery system has deteriorated, and its infrastructure is in a dire state.

They believe that instead of addressing these pressing issues, the DA-led administration is engaging in political squabbles and scrambling for the city’s limited resources.

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ActionSA’s Candidate and Responsibilities

Despite the dissent from opposition parties, the coalition is moving forward with the appointment. ActionSA has announced Nasiphi Moya, the head of governance, as its candidate for the deputy mayor position.

Moya, who holds a PhD in political science, has previously worked in prominent roles within the city council. Her responsibilities as deputy mayor would include overseeing capital projects, service delivery at the regional level, and collaborating with the chief operations office portfolio for administrative support.

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